Yoga is the dance of life. The practice of riding the waves of experience and engaging in all that life brings. Yoga is the inner space which is beyond the effect of life conditions.

The literal meaning of yoga comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, meaning to yoke the body, breath and mind together as one. When all of these aspects unite we are able to transcend beyond the physical to the more subtle. To peel away the layers (koshas) of maya (illusion) and uncover the inner divine nature that rests within each and every one to us.

Yoga offers a philosophy and a science that teaches us, through specific methods of observation and awareness, to move beyond our own limiting ego, towards the atman (the Self) and universal consciousness.  It leads us to a realisation of the vastness of our own nature.


A heartfelt and flowing practice, linking the rhythm of the breath with movement. Students will flow through a creative sequence of asanas, often to the beat of music, with a deep focus on the breath and attention to alignment. The flow is always steady and balanced with longer holds, and often meditation, mantra, mudra and pranayama techniques allowing opportunity to deepen, reflect on and absorb the effects of the practice. Mischa offers a unique and considered experience adapted carefully and precisely to each class or individual to provide a safe and nurturing environment to explore, practice and learn.

A typical session may include some or all of the following, woven into a multi-dimensional and immersive practice:

  • A challenging and relaxing physical asana (posture) practice designed to improve strength, flexibility and stability

  • Hands on assists to guide your body towards a deeper practice

  • Mantra; japa meditation, devotional chanting

  • Mudra; hand postures to create energetic effect

  • Pranayama; breathing practices to cultivate awareness of the breath, focus the mind and detoxify the body. 

  • Prayer and intention; to enrich and deliver the effect of our practice far and beyond, for the benefit of all beings

  • Meditation and guided relaxation; creating space to explore thought patterns and calm the mind

  • Music to uplift, motivate and relax

  • Philosophy and general musings to inspire your practice on and off the mat and offer a greater understanding towards the roots and true breadth of yog

"Mischa is a truly inspiring teacher who has helped me deepen my relationship to yoga and further the spiritual connection to my physical practice". Loren, Music & Events Producer

"Mischa Varmuza is a truly special and gifted teacher. Her mindful and beautiful slow flows are perfectly articulated and lead to fully open and embrace your entire body and mind. I would always seek out to take part in her classes as no breath or moment is wasted. You feel challenged and liberated by the end of the flow and calm knowing you have given yourself fully to your practice."  Alice, Yoga Teacher & Actress

"She truly is an inspirational teacher.  As a teacher myself, I recognise the hard work and dedication that goes into her teaching and I can only say that Mischa has a true gift for sharing her strong, soulful yoga in a way that truly connects you back to your root and to the universe as a whole.  I learnt so much about myself and about the beautiful gift that is Yoga.  Her energy is so nurturing and her passion and dedication to the practice shines through." Sally-Anne, Yoga Teacher

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Reach your greatest potential in an individual and supportive environment. A private session provides you with my undivided attention with greater opportunity to build, renew or deepen your personal practice. As a beginner you will see greater and more rapid progress and experienced students may explore more complicated asanas and practices in a safe environment.

Contact me directly for further information.

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Discover yoga in your own environment; breathe life and space into the work place and team or unwind at home with friends. Yoga with a small private group allows you to energise, relax and reconnect with yourself and your friends or colleagues at a time that works for you.

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Explore and maintain your practice in a studio or public class where the group energy will motivate and inspire you. Public classes are mostly accessible to beginners yet challenging to more advanced students.

Please check class timetable for details.