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Yoga Immersion: Liberate & Love






Join me for an immersive day of practice designed to untangle and liberate our body, mind and heart and to grow the field of Love and land back in the heart.


Yoga helps us to clear the layers of tension from the gross and subtle layers, little by little, liberating us from non truth and creating space within, for the creative energy (Shakti) to dance through us and for Love to unfold.

We will explore The Three Malas (āṇavamala, māyā mala & karma mala), the ‘dust' that covers the heart and the true Self. The Malas are teachings from Kashmir Shaivism Tantric tradition that help us to understand and transform the limited ideas that inhibit our inner freedom and connection to be and live in Love. They are the ‘dusty' coverings of the mind and heart that create a sense of separation, smallness and contraction and bind us into the role of ‘doership’.

Through our practices we learn to turn toward and see these limited views, and in time polish away the dust to reveal a spacious present mind and the clear still energy of the heart.

The morning ‘Fire’ practice will challenge and stretch us into new spaces in our body, heart and mind. We will strengthen the body, build fire to purify and transform with a focus towards opening the body towards deep, spacious backbends and playful inversions through both creative and considered sequencing and clear, functional biomechanics. The practice will also include chanting, mudra and pranayama.


Love is what is left behind when we surrender and allow our struggles and resistance to fall away. It is where we land when we cultivate empty presence and receptivity to meet ourselves and life where we are. When we melt the old stories and the walls of the heart. When we listen into the silence and (in the words of John O-Donohue), ‘hear the laughter of God’.

We will journey in and through the body (asana) into the stillness of the heart with a slow exploration of heart and hip opening practices, dancing between slow flow and restorative holds, woven with mantra, mudra, pranayama and meditation.

I hope to see you there.

LOCATION: Benk and Bo, Spitalfields, East London

9.30-12.30 pm

2.00-5.00 pm

£44 per individual session - Book

£77 for the whole day - Book

Email for more information or you can book directly here.

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