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Rasa Yoga Workshops at Poundon House

Sunday 10 November, 2019


Join Mischa at Poundon House, hosted by And Sister for a wintery candle lit evening of soulful yoga. The practice will move slow and take you deep, invoking the nourishing qualities of soma (nectar) with a weave of flowing and restorative asana, meditation, pranayama and chanting to open the heart.

Monday 11 November, 2019


Join Mischa Varmuza at Poundon House, hosted by And Sister, for an evening of yoga practice and full moon ceremony.

We will work under the Aries full moon and the portal of this dark, wintery time of year to listen inwards to accept, resolve and clear what is old and ready to release and to see what new vision is ready to emerge so that we may plant seeds of intention.

We will invoke the energy of Ma Bhuvaneshwari, the aspect of Shakti (Goddess or Energy) who spins, weaves, and brings forth all of creation, to awaken and inspire our own creative potential.

Bhuvaneshwari is also the Great Earth Mother and the Sacred Space holder and with her presence and teachings we can learn to hold space for ourselves and one another and wake up more fully into the power of Love and inner wisdom.

During our evening together we will move through a multi-dimensional ceremonial practice of sacred movement (asana), myth, mudras, mantra and ritual.

Tea and healthy snacks will be served.

We hope you can join us.

This event is open to women only.

Tuesday 12 November, 2019

FIRE PRACTICE: Activate & Liberate

An intermediate - advanced practice designed to liberate and activate the body, heart and mind. We will move through a dynamic and immersive practice, honouring the agni (fire) aspect and opening and strengthening the body toward safe and beautiful backbends and playful inversions and balances.

There will be a combination of challenging flow and slower held poses with exploration of creative and progressive sequencing and intelligent biomechanics to offer a playful and expansive practice.

All practices will include combinations of Mantra, Muda, Pranayama and Meditation.

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