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The Goddess Series

I am delighted to welcome back The Goddess Series, a multi part workshop introducing the Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga. We will journey deep into asana, stories, mudras, mantras and ritual to explore practices and teachings to facilitate your own personal connection with the divine essence of these Devis.

During the first workshop in July we will journey with Lakshmi, the goddess of harmony, abundance and inner radiance.

In September we open up to the flow of creativity inside us, Saraswati, 'Sara' means to flow and 'swa' is the self, she is the self-posessed flow. She represents the energies of creative flow, of wisdom, the arts - she is the bridge between the arts and the sciences and she is the words that bring life to the landscape of our soul.

During each session we will honour yoga as ritual through our intention and a multi dimensional practice in the way of discovery, in a deep and transformational way.

The final workshop in October will be a powerful invocation and celebration of Durga Ma in celebration of Navratri, the nine night festival of the Goddess.


Saturday 14th July, 10am-12.30pm, LAKSHMI ~ Walk in Harmony

Saturday 1 September, 10am-12.40pm, SARASWATI ~ Open to the Flow

Friday 12th October, 7-9.30pm, DURGA ~ Awaken & Empower The Heart

Email to book.

£30 per workshop

* Earlybird until 31st May, £25.

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