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Beyond The Flow

An immersive weekend of heart centred Rasa Yoga practices.

Saturday AM

Fire Flow: Liberate & Activate

A dynamic practice, honouring the agni (fire) aspect; there will be a challenging flow with exploration of sequencing and biomechanics to open and strengthen the body into safe and beautiful backbends, balances and inversions.

Saturday PM

Nectar Drop: Flow, Explore & Restore

A slow and deep practice to invoke the the nourishing qualities of soma (nectar) with fluid asana and restorative work woven with chanting and breath to open the heart and quieten the mind.

Sunday AM

Embodied Ritual

Asana. Myth. Mantra. Ritual

A soulful and playful morning of sacred practices, with storytelling, crafting intention, mantra, mudras and movement. 

Earlier Event: 3 June
Fire Flow: Liberate & Activate
Later Event: 27 July
Embodied Yoga Ritual