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Mythical Vinyasa Yoga Flow – Ganesh: Root Down to Rise Up

Venue: Move Your Frame, Shoreditch (please book directly through their website)

September 17th is Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival celebrated in honour of the elephant-headed god Ganesha. The beauty of myth is it gives a vehicle by which to navigate human experience, to explain the world through a particular perspective.

Ganesh is considered the bearer of auspicious beginnings, the remover of obstacles – however he doesn't just clear the path, he teaches that when challenge arises it is an opportunity to grow, to learn and understand that we have the power to stand up transcend and expand.

The asana focus will be work with a creative vinyasa sequence to gather a strong sense of grounding Ganesh is associated with muladhara, the first or root chakra, which guards the gate of the body and is symbolized by a square. A way to embody Ganesha’s great strength and fearlessness is through asana that emphasizes the root chakra. When we wake up and restore our root chakra we enable a strong sense of self.

Expect a steady and challenging flow where we move through asana (postures) with a strong sense of grounding, drawing strength from the earth to our midline to burn away perceived obstacles, finding softness and freedom at the heart.

The workshop will close with a guided meditation and deep relaxation (savasana).

Some vinyasa yoga experience recommended.

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