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Hips to Heart


Strengthening and releasing the the pelvic area creating space and greater ability to move into beautiful backbends.

This workshop will incorporate a strong and dynamic full spectrum vinyasa practice with emphasis on moving within the full range of motion in the hips and exploring the freedom this allows to dive deeply and safely into backbends. The dynamic first half of the workshop will be followed by a slower and steadier dialogue with the body, returning to asanas for a greater length of time to work deeply into the hips, releasing tension in the spine allowing for backbends.

We will look at why the hips hold so much tension and use the tools that yoga offers to work through any resistance. There will be pranayama (breathing techniques) integrated into the practice to explore greater depth and dance with the blissful sensations that yoga evokes.

The workshop will close with a guided meditation and blissful savasana complete with head/neck massages.

All yogis will receive nutritious treats and heartwarming tea to reward and nourish their hard worked minds, bodies and souls.

Expect to work and breathe hard.

Requirements: Some experience is beneficial.


Frame, Shoreditch


Later Event: 14 September
Beyond The Flow Sunday Sadhana