“Sadhana is not just in the temple and going through your rituals, it must transform you as an individual.”
― Anupama Garg

This online course is a 21 day journey for you to explore and develop a self-practice which will both deepen and transform your understanding of yoga and introduce a range of self-care practices and reflections to nurture growth and provide ongoing support in your daily life.

What does it include:

21 days of practices divided into 3 x 1 week chapters.

Each week includes yoga asana (posture practice), mantra (sacred sound), mudra (sacred gestrures or seals, primarily with hands), pranayama (breath), dhyana (meditation) practice, teachings, seeds of wisdom, self-reflection and guidance to support and inspire your practice.

Plus integration and bonus practices and online community and support with ongoing access to all content and lessons so you may repeat the Sādhanā and revisit the lessons as many times as you wish. This includes access to any new material that may be added.

WEEK 1: Rooting

The Foundation

The Sādhanā ~ The Sacred Practice

The basics: Asana, Mantra, Mudra, Pranayama & Dhyana

Altars and Sacred Space

Sankalpa (Intention)

Dinacharya (Daily Rhythm)

WEEK 2: Deepening

Going Deeper

Going deeper: Asana, Mantra, Mudra, Pranayama & Dhyana

Introduction to Tantra

Healthy Habits

Clear Boundaries

WEEK 3: Rising

Rising in Love

Heart Focused Practices: Asana, Mantra, Mudra, Pranayama & Dhyana

Bhakti: Bringing devotion alive

The Sacred: Awakening the sacred in your life, on and off the mat

Living Yoga: Yamas and Niyamas (‘Right Living’ as described in The Yoga Sutras)


BONUS LESSONS including Moon Day Yoga, how to craft your own asana practice and more…

Ongoing support and sacred conversation on a private online platform.

Recommended Resources.


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