Shine Like A Star ~ Redefining Power

True power is not a power of tyranny or domination, of hierarchy or having power over others, this is a distorted view that is a root of much suffering. True power is strong but soft and vulnerable, it is courageous and loving and it is a power where we stand, side by side. It is where we work to shine our light unconditionally, without fear of repression or suppression, and not only for ourselves but to lift one another up, again and again. It is joyful, creative and infused with conscious communication and intent to inspire the realisation of the limitless potential of being alive right now.

It must be truly and deeply alive inside of us, embodied in every cell and integrated in our words and actions so that we reside in a strong sense of Self and are supported by our own bright self worth and belief and with trust in the difficult and the unknown. We must water the ground of our souls and the root of our hearts with love and light and learn to bless and embrace the wholeness of being human. Of breath and body, of all the beauty and every challenge, pain and shade of darkness within or around and keep learning and remembering the potential for growth in each moment.

When we stand in the true light of power we grow and share love and compassion as the ultimate healing elixir, non-dependant and unconditional. We practice and master discernment, take full responsibility and accountability for ourselves and grow resilience and trust to dissolve the confused power of self-doubt, and the false search for validation or approval. .
We are all made of the same stuff, stardust and love, no one is born with stiff boundaries and views and a hard heart. Let’s learn to surrender the mind to the wisdom of the heart and to dedicate each action to the realisation of our true nature.

Forever grateful to every being who has touched my heart, opened my mind and showed me how to walk the way of the heart. 

I offer my prayers and efforts to all beings, without exception, that they may be happy and at peace in their hearts.

Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu