Shine Like A Star ~ Redefining Power

True power is not a power of tyranny or domination, of hierarchy or having power over others, this is a distorted view that is a root of much suffering. True power is strong but soft and vulnerable, it is courageous and loving and it is a power where we stand, side by side. It is where we work to shine our light unconditionally, without fear of repression or suppression, and not only for ourselves but to lift one another up, again and again. It is joyful, creative and infused with conscious communication and intent to inspire the realisation of the limitless potential of being alive right now.

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The Way of Shakti

As we enter the last few days of Navratri, we are in the high power of transformation and inner work; it is a time to celebrate the spirit inside of us, to tend to the flame of the heart and to focus energy and commitment towards growth and service and the power of Love.

There is an idea that was conditioned into the collective psyche; it suggested that if we were to show vulnerability, pain or sadness or to express difficulty seemingly too great to handle, that we were failing at life. That perhaps we’d messed up, got it all wrong and followed a way that merely crumbled to ashes and disappointment as we stepped our feet along its shimmering path of promises.  It was an idea that suggested we should live in light and joy and that darkness and pain should be avoided if we were to be happy, whole and successful.  And we tried so hard, to fulfill this idea, with stiff smiles and enduring efforts, but exhausted minds and hearts, holding on for dear life, numb to the beauty and potential richness of human experience. 

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